Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Redecorating Teacher Bathrooms

I love my school! I do not, however, love the stark, sterile teacher bathrooms that we have scattered around the building.  Last year one of my sweet co-workers, Laura, decided to redecorate one of these teacher bathrooms to make it extra special and provide a brief, relaxing  moment for us teachers during our crazy days. She is super talented and has great decorating style.  Check out the beach inspired bathroom that she put together (with the generous monetary donation of another teacher and the sweat equity of our awesome coach!)

I'm a girl who LOVES to decorate.  In fact, if I wasn't a teacher, I would totally be an interior designer. So this kind of thing just warms my heart, seriously! This summer I knew I wanted to decorate the teacher bathroom that is right next to my classroom. I dreamed of the color scheme and searched pinterest for ideas.  When I got back to school a few weeks ago, I talked with my dear friend (and now co-decorating buddy) Laura, and off we went in search of some fab finds.
Here is a picture of the bathroom BEFORE the redecorating.

Boring. Ugly. Cold. Unfriendly. 

Here is the bathroom AFTER...

I love, love, love this chair Laura found at TJ Maxx Home Goods! I seriously went in there the other day and just sat down on the chair and "breathed" for a minute during one of those crazy, busy days during the first week of school. 

Vinyl wall decal from Kohl's will brighten up any plain wall.  Love that it's adhesive and easily comes off if we ever want to change it up. 

Y'all, I got all the accessories at Hobby Lobby! I heart HL! It is one of my most favorite stores. Since we wanted to make it a cozy space we decided to get a table lamp to soften up the space.  One of my team mates turns on this little lamp every time she uses the bathroom- that makes me SO happy!!! 

Our awesome coach used his handy, wood-working skills and framed out this mirror for us.  Something so simple that totally changes the room! 
This bathroom was definitely a group effort and was so much fun to decorate.  Again, we had the generous donation of a sweet teacher from our school to complete this project.  She rocks!

Since we were on a decorating roll, our staff had a great idea to decorate one of the bathrooms in the office for our amazing principal.  I was on a mission to find out her style and favorite colors, etc.  Once we found out black and turquoise were her favs, Laura and I got to work. Actually, Laura did all of the shopping for this one- it was a marathon, speed shopping trip because we completed this in one day. No, one afternoon. Crazy!!! While I was back at school decorating my own classroom and getting ready to meet my little ones, she was shopping up a storm and texting me pictures of all her great finds.  Later that night, we snuck down to the office in a covert operation in hopes of not getting busted by our principal (since it was a surprise) and arranged everything in the bathroom. Here's how it turned out...

 Again, it was a group effort with other teachers helping and contributing money to the project.  Our principal LOVED it and was speechless when she saw it, which we totally recorded- hilarious!!
We are now on a mission to decorate our cute little school, one bathroom at a time! 


  1. Quite a mantra: "One bathroom at a time!!" Love your work.

  2. Awesome!! It really does make a difference to have a non-kid, grown-up space in the middle of the school...even if you don't have to go!

  3. Our bathroom walls are concrete. Do you know how to adhere pictures on the larger size that will not require drilling a hole into the concrete? Most 3M hooks are only good for up to 5 lbs I think.